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Most important questions from game publishers

Leszek Król

Most important goal for any game publisher is finding successful titles over and over again in a market of ten million apps. Everyone would like to be noticed in this great ocean of apps. Below, we gathered some classic questions which fall during most conversations with investors and game publishers.

Will your title find a place on the market?

When you starts conversation with publishers, you have to know your target audience. Do you know how to approach that topic? You can compare your title against similar games on the market. Look at five games in the same category and genre to determine how their players behave. What do they complain about? What other games / apps do they download? What do they like in the game? If you find all this information, you can create a document, which will present the unique selling propositions.

How your title generate money?

Thinking money first is the way to put the title sustainability first. Nobody cry if a publisher rejects a game title that seems to have weak earning potential. From my experience, paid games are easier to choose by publisher. There is only few things needs to know: target, price and estimated number of sales to make a final decision about the potential. However, most of the mobile publishers want free-to-play games, which involve more players conversion, average time spend and player lifetime. To take final decision, most publishers looks the monetization models of existing titles instead of untested one.

Is it fun in overall?

Investors and publishers care a lot about money and marketing. They are the most important things to make the final decision. The third parameter is fun! - [Check out our article about fun](

In overall, everybody looks for games that appeal to a niche on the market, which can gather the attention of a wider group of players.

Is it an overall fit?

A game’s design should fit ideally with how users will interact with it on devices. Also, platform fit can have a huge impact on a player’s experience. For example, if the game relies on real-time gameplay, then developers won't use touchscreens, because they are too inexact.

On the market, there are tons of games, we’d never take on. Developers have to doing a little research before development. This is surprising truth, but many developers never consider their ideas through a commercial lens.

I hope it’s useful for you. If you have any comments or questions, please write them here!

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