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Using threads in Unity Engine

Multithreading is an ability of processor to execute multiple threads concurently. Each thread execute sequence of programming instructions. So in theory you can achieve better performace.
by Leszek Król

Why clean code is important?

Names are really important in programming. They are everywhere in software. We name variables, methods, arguments and classes. We continuously set names. Because we use it so much, we should do it well.
by Leszek Król

Coroutines in Unity

Coroutine is a kind of function which has ability to pause it execution and return control to Unity until sometime or certain condition is met.
by Leszek Król

How version control can save your life?

Many of Unity developers work alone. They often start from youtube tutorials from which it’s worth to begin. Sooner or later you will start work with bigger team and then you will need help of external programs to collaborate with other people
by Leszek Król

Finite-state machines

When AI behaviour became more complex we understood that we need to discover better way to solve this problem. The Finite-state machine came to the rescue!
by Leszek Król
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