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How to start working in game industry

Working in gamedev is not and will never be the easiest job, but there's something what caused in last years that it's very popular and eligible profession.

How to start working in game industry

Working in gamedev is not and will never be the easiest job, but there’s something what caused in last years that it’s very popular and eligible profession.

I love computer games and I want to make them since childhood. There’s a lot of prospects, nevertheless hard is get to grips with making them by oneself. That’s why you have to ask yourself: „what is the most interesting for me?”.Yes, it’s true: you can produce a game by your own, but then you have to be multifunctional — graphics, music, programming, testing and promoting are your commitments only.

In my point of view, You should focus on one way to be the best at what you do. Job search will be much easier for you. Of course if you really want to create a game by your own, you need a help from several sources — from sounds or graphics to animation and 3D modeling.

Improve your skills is a key to success

When you decide, what you wanna to do in gamedev industry, it’s time for learning. For example: You want to be a programmer, thus you have to learn one or more programming language and any engine, which is often using by smaller companies like Unreal Engine 4 or Unity 3D. The next couple of months you spend so much time for teaching and practicing your acquired skills is very well, especially when you’ve got your dreamed employment, because your chances to boost contentment of boss, workmates and your own are bigger.

In your path, you have to create some tiny games! Even if you can not design graphics or compose music, just use free assets available online. There’s a great deal of internet where we can find 2D and also 3D graphics, soundtracks for our own work. To be more effective in chosen metier, bring into play all occasion to emend competences. You can always find a good moment for learn new techniques, rules or fresh inspiration for your succeeding project.

In University of Games, I’m working as tester, so I would like to tell you something about this occupation by my own perspective. Primarily you have to be patient, perceptive, strenous, sometimes exigent. Never ever assume fault is fixed only because you said about it to programmer! You are not sure he serviced it completely. Then you need to check it again and approve this error as fixed. On the other hand you don’t know did you find all flaws in the map or place neither didn’t your workmate screw up this more. Tester must be watchful all the time regardless of hour, season or circumstance. Unnoticed drawback reduces the quality and makes a customer sad. Moreover it demonstrates inaccuracy of tester.

Additionally, you have to verify the same part of a game many times. For example game tutorial can become wearisome and irritating, so keeping calm and staying patient is very important. I know, being composed by all gaming hours is impossible, but trust me, nerves won’t help. When uncomfortable error is impeding us work, exasperation is really wrong mode. Well, we’re still only people.

So how can tester improve his skills?He must play, play and again: play. There’s no other way. Your best friend will be coffee :-)

First job

The first job in gamedev industry is considerably difficult to talk about cause. It always depends on position you want to assume. Whereas there’s something what loses young adepts: it’s requiring high salary. Let us don’t deceive ourself; work in game developing is not extraordinary, so wages in the initial phase won’t be the most satisfying. Sure, you will expand your knowledge and skills to obtain an appreciation of employ later, then also get higher incomes. But first the employment you have to get. It’s not simple. Though a lot of job offers in this industry, anyone could be near to you. Not everyone are able to move out from their hometown. It’s great if you are.

In this situation being patient is useful — you never know, when and where help about your preferences will be needed. And when you will have taken a job offer suitable for you, don’t expect fantastic circs. As I mentioned, you have to deserve to them and know the occupation inside and out. It’s not certain you’ll like these responsibilities. That’s why trying pays and experience for the end. Many companies are looking for employee with definite time of experience. Even if you’re really good at it, you had read all books about it and created million hours of works. You won’t get this job because your ordeal is zero.

That is not the end of the world — exists littler teams in gamedev industry, which don’t need only senior specialists. That’s your chance for the first step in the occupation.

I hope it’s useful for you. If you have any comments or questions, please write them here!

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